Rug appraisal is an important way to get information about the value, age & origin of your investment. Especially for insurance claims and estate purposes an Appraisal Certificate helps all parties in smooth resolution of matters. Professional experts at Oriental Designer Rugs perform both verbal and Certified(written) Rug Appraisals. They are performed for all kinds of new and antique rugs for resale and insurance purposes. We also offer, Rug Inspection Reports for individuals & insurance companies in case of water, fire or any other kind of rug damage. Contact us for details 610 525 8700.

Our Appraisals include the following Rug information:

1. Rug Photo – To identify the rug

2. Owners Information – Name & address, etc.

3. Age – Antique, Semi-Antique or New

4. Current Condition including Prior Repairs etc.

5. Knots per square inch

6. Size

7. Current Retail Value

8. Rug Design

9. Color Combination

10. Make – Hand Knotted, Hand Loomed, etc.

11. Material Used – Wool, Silk, Cotton, etc.

12. County of Origin, possibly Province & Town too.