Professional Cleaning of Oriental Rugs and Persian Rugs

Return Luster to Persian Rugs With Bryn Mawr Oriental Rugs Cleaning

It is truly amazing how a professional cleaning can bring back your Oriental rug’s rich color, natural softness and shine. But that’s not all a proper cleaning will accomplish.

Bryn Mawr Oriental Rugs Can Remove Soil From Oriental Rugs

Loosening and removing dust and dirt from wool, silk or cotton fibers also increases longevity. If you look at particles of soil, dust and dirt under a microscope, you can see sharp edges that can rip, tear and abrade, weakening both the knots and foundation. Professional cleaning prevents this type of damage.

How Often Do You Clean Your Oriental Rug or Persian Carpet?

If your rug is in a high-traffic area, in an entryway or family room, for example, consider a professional cleaning every one to three years.

 A living room or dining room rug, which may see less use, should be cleaned once every five to seven years.

Bryn Mawr Oriental Rugs Process to Clean Your Fine Rug

Skilled and trained employees using traditional, old-fashioned methods clean all rugs at our shop. First, we inspect the rug, including the fringe and the back. If it has been a while since the last cleaning, the rug is beaten to remove dust and dirt. Then we apply water to loosen soil particles. Next, a gentle soap and water solution is applied and whisked across the rug with soft brushes and brooms. Special attention is given to cleaning fringe, which is very delicate, but often the most soiled part of the rug.

Then we rinse the rug thoroughly, being careful to remove residual soap. Finally, we apply a solution of white vinegar to restore the rug’s sheen and silky texture. When we are satisfied that your rug is fresh and clean and dry, it is ready for you to take home and enjoy.